Finding Your Work at Home “Niche Market”

by Filoiann Wiedenhoff

So what is a niche market? A “niche market” is a specific solution that fulfills a particular problem whether in product or service for a fee and the solution is called a niche market.

Statistics show that people who start a home business doing what they love or have a passion for, are known to stick with their home business over a long period of time and become successful doing it. With that said, in helping you find the niche that’s right for you we’re going to first focus in on three important niche market principles that will help you define your search.

It must be:

1. Personal: It is something you are familiar with, something you love to do, enjoy or have an attachment for. One that best suits you personality and fits your lifestyle.

2. Practical: It is something you have the ability, experience and/or talent to do and one you can see yourself doing realistically over a long period of time.

3. Marketable. It is a service or product that people would be willing to pay money to have and profitable for you to promote on a daily basis.

From these three principles you can begin to make your list from hobbies, past times and passions to skills, experience and talents. There are also other important factors that play into finding the right niche market and that is evaluating how much time, money and energy will you be able to work this particular niche business and at the same time be realistic with your self, looking at what kind of work you want to do and are capable of doing. For example; if you are allergic to animals you most likely would not want to start a dog walking business or pet hotel. (Just off the top of my head)

Take everything into consideration, take some time and think things through and keep in mind the three niche marketing principles to help you narrow your search until you find one or more ideas that are perfect for you. Once you have narrowed your search the next step is to study up as much as possible on your particular niche in free forums, article websites and blogs.

Once you find your “Work at Home Niche Market” you will have purpose and be more focused and motivated in making your home business a success. You can find out more home business information from my website. Happy Hunting!

Best Wishes,
Filoiann Wiedenhoff is a Pastor’s Wife, Work at Home Mom, Woman’s Biblical Counselor and Bible Teacher. Her work can be found on a number of home business and Christian websites and blogs.

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Marketing Myths -Home Based Businesses and Network Marketing Programs Revealed

by Pastor Bobby Keating

It is just amazing how much garbage there is on the Internet today. Everybody has the perfect plan for the perfect program that’s going to make me an armchair millionaire. It is simply wonderful how all of these people are so thoughtful that they make me the offer to get rich fast without having to do anything but join their program. They will do all of the work, I will sit in my recliner at home and watch my bank account grow almost out of control!

I will be able to earn a 6 figure income (every month!) and I won’t have to lift a finger or break a sweat! I am so grateful to all of those wealthy and wonderful people who are willing to share all of this fortune with me, for a minimal fee. They will even, if I want, teach me all of their marketing techniques!

Through the years, since the public introduction of the Internet, anyone who has been watching and paying attention has seen literally thousands of ‘make money right now’ programs come —– and go. They all use the same ‘catch phrases’ and hype (which turns out to be a load of bovine fertilizer.) Promising everything and delivering nothing, nada, zilch, squat! (Except for the loss of my time, my effort and my money.) “Fire your Boss!” “Make $10,000.00 in the next 30 days!” etc. etc

There are some very skillful copywriters out there (people who write sales copy for ads and web sites.) Not only can they talk an Eskimo into investing in an ice farm but they’ll teach you how to do the same – for a minimal fee, of course. I am overcome by the magnanimity and overt generosity of these Internet Millionaires.

I decided to do a little research. (This took several months but) I contacted hundreds of these ‘armchair millionaire’ affiliates. These were, for the most part, ordinary citizens with a dream of wealth and happiness who took the bait and signed up for some of these programs. After talking for a while, I found that they had not quite made it yet but that their ‘up line’ sponsor had promised that if they stuck with it and screamed the offer at everyone within three feet of them, they would be rolling in dough in no time.

Most of the marketing techniques that these ‘up line sponsors’ teach are a load of rehashed garbage that just simply does nothing more than keep you busy while they try to get you to upgrade and spend more money. They want you to hound your family and friends and everyone with whom you come in contact to join the ‘program.’ They promise to teach you the latest ‘proven’ techniques for marketing. Some have even made millions promising to teach you marketing techniques that will ‘explode’ you email in box with people anxious to buy from you!

Can anybody relate to this? Have you seen these outrageous advertisements?

The truly amazing part of this is that everyday thousands upon thousands of anxious Web surfers fall for the hype. You see, the majority of these hype-mongers, I mean copywriters, are true experts – at getting you to spend your money. Unfortunately, what they teach you doesn’t work. They do not teach you the truth. Now this does not apply to ALL copywriters. There are some, I admit, who are spot on and truly do offer useful products and services. The major problem is how is it possible to tell the sheep from the wolves? Who is telling the truth and who is coating you with a layer of BF (bovine fertilizer) so thick that you cannot see the truth? How do you separate the wheat from the tares? How do you discern the truth?

It does not take a PhD in psychology to know that everybody can use more money and an easier lifestyle. Everyone wants to spend more time with his or her kids or to take vacations. Everyone wants a better car, a bigger home and enough cash to pay for educating himself/herself or his/her children. These are givens. Most Internet marketers know this and appeal to the web site visitors’ greed and not his need. They think that the average Joe or JoAnne is only slightly above the mental level of a chimp (with enough money to waste on buying their product.)

Well, I said all of that to say this. After all of my years of research, frustration, aggravations, spending ‘hard earned’ money, I have discovered a cold, bone chilling fact. The funny part (the strange not comical part) is that it was right underneath my nose the whole time and I could not see it! (Not to imply that my nose is too big to see over or around!) The ‘secret’ to finding success in any endeavor is NOT luck or chance. It is not even finding the most magnificent product. The secret is ‘diligence.’

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, an improved marital relationship or better parent child relationship or success in business, the ‘secret’ for you to find success in any of these projects is consistency and diligence in studying, thinking, planning and a willingness to accept ‘wise counsel’ before jumping in. If the offer sounds ‘too good to be true,’ you need to take the time to explore all aspects of it.

Diligently study and search out others who have been involved with what you are considering. Educate yourself and seek understanding of everything that will be necessary for you to succeed. There are some wonderful programs on the Internet. There are many opportunities to make a good living and improve your lifestyle. You must take the time and put forth the effort to learning what works and what does not work. Be diligent!

Pastor Bobby Keating is an Evangelist, author, teacher, success coach, and Director of The Christian Success Institute. He has a passion to help others become Successful Christians. Pastor Bobby’s Blog ( offers a free marketing mini course at

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