Article Writing, Quality as Well as Quantity

by Filoiann Wiedenhoff

If you have you started an online home business then hopefully you have heard of article marketing. It is the single best marketing tool you can do for your home business for little or no money and if you are on a budget as most of us are it’s the perfect scenario.

The key to article marketing is to write content that will interest readers to keep reading your work. To display your expertise as well as provide the reader with information about your product and why they need it or want it.

The hard part in doing this is the other component in article marketing which is that the more you write articles the more responses you get, the more chances you will get people coming to your website and the more people will buy your product.

So how can you create quality content that people will want to read as well as write quantity content that will get your products and your business out there without falling short on one end or the other?

Trust me, I have asked this same question. Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction:

Write Informative Articles: Write articles that will peak readers interest about your product. Information goes along way and learning something that will benefit their success is even better.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Product: It’s much easier to write about something you know. Try the product, use the product and know it well and you will have much to write about. When you know something well you can write faster and easier because you already know what to say.

Write Shorter Articles: Articles really don’t need to be very long so consider writing brief articles that are to the point that are clear and concise and get’s your message across.

Commit a Set Time To Write: Just like any job you have to set a set time for yourself to work and the same goes for writing articles you also need to set a time for writing. If you can organize your time better with no distractions you will be surprised how much work you can put out in a day.

Add Personality: Keep in mind that the person is not just buying the product, they are also buying you. It is a fact that if people like the person that’s selling something they will buy from them just to support them or because they trust them. If you can add some personality into your articles you will get a better response and perhaps a more faithful residual customer too.

I hope these tips will help give you something to work with in writing quality articles as well as quantity. Blessings and Happy Writing!

Filoiann Wiedenhoff is a Pastor’s Wife, Work at Home Mom, Woman’s Biblical Counselor and Bible Teacher. Her work can be found on a number of home business and Christian websites and blogs.

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