Finding Your Work at Home “Niche Market”

by Filoiann Wiedenhoff

So what is a niche market? A “niche market” is a specific solution that fulfills a particular problem whether in product or service for a fee and the solution is called a niche market.

Statistics show that people who start a home business doing what they love or have a passion for, are known to stick with their home business over a long period of time and become successful doing it. With that said, in helping you find the niche that’s right for you we’re going to first focus in on three important niche market principles that will help you define your search.

It must be:

1. Personal: It is something you are familiar with, something you love to do, enjoy or have an attachment for. One that best suits you personality and fits your lifestyle.

2. Practical: It is something you have the ability, experience and/or talent to do and one you can see yourself doing realistically over a long period of time.

3. Marketable. It is a service or product that people would be willing to pay money to have and profitable for you to promote on a daily basis.

From these three principles you can begin to make your list from hobbies, past times and passions to skills, experience and talents. There are also other important factors that play into finding the right niche market and that is evaluating how much time, money and energy will you be able to work this particular niche business and at the same time be realistic with your self, looking at what kind of work you want to do and are capable of doing. For example; if you are allergic to animals you most likely would not want to start a dog walking business or pet hotel. (Just off the top of my head)

Take everything into consideration, take some time and think things through and keep in mind the three niche marketing principles to help you narrow your search until you find one or more ideas that are perfect for you. Once you have narrowed your search the next step is to study up as much as possible on your particular niche in free forums, article websites and blogs.

Once you find your “Work at Home Niche Market” you will have purpose and be more focused and motivated in making your home business a success. You can find out more home business information from my website. Happy Hunting!

Best Wishes,
Filoiann Wiedenhoff is a Pastor’s Wife, Work at Home Mom, Woman’s Biblical Counselor and Bible Teacher. Her work can be found on a number of home business and Christian websites and blogs.

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